Monday, July 23, 2012

Kenley - One Month

As always, time is just flying and our sweet Kenley, or "Little Sweets" as I am calling her these days, is already one month old. She is your typical 1 month old - eating, sleeping and pooping :) She has been sleeping a solid 6 hour stretch the last couple nights and then another 4 hours after being changed and fed. She was diagnosed with reflux so unfortunately she isn't the happiest of babies, but we'll keep her ;) She is about 21.5 inches and according to the oh so accurate way of weighing myself with and without her she is between 9.5-10lbs. Same length and about a pound more than her sister at that age - and so the comparing begins...I'll try not to make that a habit.

I have more pictures to post from the last month, including Kenley's newborn photo shoot, but nap time is only so long and Mama also has a big "3" year old's party to prepare for this weekend!

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Christy said...

She is so precious! Ha! I often wonder how much we'll compare Olive to her future sibling. :)
I hope Alexa has a wonderful birthday party!