Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday's To-Do's

Since baby will be here at the latest a week from today, this will be my last time posting my to-do list! Looks like I better finish up huh?

 - Sew crib skirt - Done 
 - Sew curtains - Done 
 - Sew bunting decorations - Done 
 - Hang paper lanterns - Done  
 - Pre-register with the hospital - Done 
 - Touch up chair railing - Done 
 - Sew changing table pad covers- Done 
 - Paint 2 bird cages for on shelves - Done 
 - Sew pillow for glider - Done 
 - Sort through baby clothing separating gender neutral and girl items - Done
 - Wash baby clothing, towels & sheets - Done
 - Install carseat base
 - Pack hospital bag - packed just have to throw in the few things that I use daily 
 - Freezer meals - lets face it, those aren't gonna happen ;)

To purchase:
 - Double jogging stroller - Done 
 - Crib sheets - Done  
 - Night light - Done  
 - Mattress - Done
 - Sleep Giraffe - Done
 - Baby Book - Done
 - Diaper Genie refills - Done
 - New pump parts - Done
 - Big Sister gift for Alexa - Done, thanks for the rec Nicole!
 - Rock n' Play - Done
 - Car seat protector - Done
 - 2 fabric drawers - Done
 - Diapers - I guess at this point I can just order them from Amazon when I am in the hospital to see what size we'll need. Since everyone is convinced this is going to be a 12lb baby I may need to bypass a jumbo box of newborn size. Crazy since even Alexa at 7lbs 4oz wore preemie diapers in the hospital. 


Christy said...

Wow! You've done a lot...not much left. Good job, mama.
You're so close!
I can't wait to "meet" your baby.

egrier said...

One week so exciting! Can't wait to see some pictures of the little one.